Fascist dictator of Belarus has great idea


Alexander Lukashenko is an old-fashioned dictator of Belarus. He is often described as the last dictator in Europe. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care a lot about making his country a better place.

Your desire to be famous – and the problems it will bring you

The evils of meritocracy

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" - Arrivals

We don’t always feel comfortable admitting it to our friends. But, secretly, the idea of being famous has great appeal. Fame is deeply attractive because it seems to offer very significant benefits.

The Wolf of Wall Street - Sep 2013

President Obama has been in the Netherlands for a major international conference focused on two of the world's great crises: nuclear proliferation and the drama in the Ukraine.

I want to be famous!

Disturbing revelation: Some politicians sometimes NOT idiots

©REX/Tom Dymond/Thames

Everyone wants to be famous nowadays. That's often blamed on people being stupid, shallow and narcissistic. That doesn't feel right.

© Alex Brandon/AP/Press Association Images

There’s general agreement amongst the public that most politicians are idiots. As we well know, they are universally egotistical, unprincipled, witless and, worse, devious and cunning.

Australian waiter solves class problem


For two hundred years, much of the world has struggled to rid itself of class antagonism.

The sorrows of Gina Rinehart

After Oscar party invite goes missing in mail – again


Sixty-year-old Gina Rinehart is the richest Australian who has ever lived. She's also the richest woman in the entire world.


This year, like many others, the invitation seems to have gone astray. And yet, once again, the Vanity Fair party was extraordinary. In attendance were

Why Andrew Ridgeley is the winner; and George Michael the loser

Journalists succumb to the thrills of power


Andrew Ridgeley recently turned fifty. In the mid-1980s, he was one half of the world’s most successful pop duo, Wham! Alongside his friend George Michael,


The journalists were invited into the White House Oval Office shortly after lunch. All the greats from the important French dailies were there: the man

Larry Page, Google CEO, tortures us with his jeans


He looks like an ordinary guy. He could be the taxi driver who took you to the airport, a maths teacher or the manager of a gym.

Siblings of the famous preach compassion

Queen performs miracle in a train


When we see a picture of the siblings of celebrities, we instinctively think, 'poor things'. What must it be like if your brother or sister were hugely famous and admired by millions?

HM Queen Elizabeth II leaving Kings Lynn by train in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK

After her usual holiday at Sandringham in Norfolk, the Queen took the train from Kings Lynn back home to Buckingham Palace.

The School of Life

Ten Virtues For The Modern Age