Memento Mori: Woman killed suddenly by tree branch


A New Zealand-born accounts manager received “non-survival head injuries” after being hit by a Lebanese cedar branch blown off by a gust of wind in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, south-west London.

St Jerome watches car crash

Doomed Malaysian plane is not your business


Car crashes, especially involving many deaths, are a perennially popular topic in the news. A really big crash can be counted upon to double traffic to a news website.


No one doubts it is an exciting story, and a poignant one too. A clear blue day, a reliable Boeing 777, an experienced crew. Then, nothing. You could spend all day on this.

Jeremiah offers lesson in facing disaster

News of motorbike death not just gory mesmerising spectacle with no higher purpose


Jeremiah is one of the prophets of the Old Testament. He had a terrible time. He was a decent fellow, but Jerusalem, the city that most mattered to him, was destroyed by the Babylonians.


He loved his bike. He was thinking of tomorrow, and put on a burst of speed. He didn't see the van changing lanes until too late. The van driver wasn't being careless, but he'll never escape the guilt.

Memento Mori: Sudden death on an Alpine Train

France Train Accident

It was a completely ordinary journey on an unremarkable morning. Passengers were silently fretting about their credit-card repayments, speculating about sex with someone further down the carriage, idly taking in the winter scenery, thinking about a sandwich for lunch.

The School of Life

Ten Virtues For The Modern Age