The Art of Procrastination – a Film


Procrastination isn’t just another word for laziness. There’s no logical explanation for this self-castigating behaviour. We’re nervous we won’t have enough time for things.

Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich – a Film

Adverts know what we really want: they just refuse to sell it to us – a Film


Every country is now more or less on a path to growth, but the poor ones are growing very, very slowly. If Zimbabwe continues at its current growth rate, it will qualify as a rich country in 2,722 years.


Family life is hell for the most part: bitterness, divorce, regret, and there's no time to talk anymore. So no wonder we're so touched by adverts that we might be fooled into taking that entirely irrational next step.

Misemployment – a Film

The Great Philosophers: Karl Marx

FOX 2013 Summer TCA Tour - Los Angeles

Whenever unemployment comes down, if only very slightly, it sounds like really good news. It's great that productive forces in the economy are growing and that they'll be a little bit more money in people's pockets.


Most people agree that we need to improve our economic system somehow. It threatens our planet through excessive consumption and distracts us with irrelevant advertising.

The Great Philosophers: William Morris


The 19th-century designer, poet and entrepreneur William Morris is one of the best guides we have to the modern economy – despite the fact that he died in 1896 (while Queen Victoria was still on the throne).

Utopia series: how Capitalism should be reformed

How to become an entrepreneur

Argentina Default And Weak Corporate Earnings Weigh Heavily On Stocks

The system we know as Capitalism is both wondrously productive and hugely problematic. On the downside, capitalism valorises immediate returns over long-term benefits.

A Celebration Of Music Hosted By Sean Parker

The modern world is in love with entrepreneurship. Starting your own business holds the same sort of prestigious position as, in previous ages, making a pilgrimage or spearing multiple enemies in battle.

Dead Dutchman teaches ‘consumerism’ not always a bad thing

Why you’re probably not enjoying your job very much


We're deeply suspicious of the word 'consumerism'; it's become a stick with which to beat the modern world. Yet consumerism doesn't have to be stupid.

Wall Street Economic Crisis

Almost certainly, you’ve been having a bad time at work. In a perfect world, work should do so much for us: lend us purpose and a sense of achievement, offer us meaning and comradeship.

A guide to the pleasures of work

Wall Street Economic Crisis

You might think this bit would be easy, but one of the hardest things about our working lives is knowing what we ideally want to do with them. It’s simple enough to sense what is boring and soul-destroying.

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in England

The rich should stop giving so much of their money away


It doesn't appear in any brochures. It's not mentioned by tourist agencies or travel magazines. But it's quietly fascinating and almost beautiful nevertheless.

2009 Frick Collection Young Fellows Ball

Our society really admires it when rich people give away huge piles of surplus money towards the end of their lives, particularly when they donate large sums of it to the arts. It seems so noble and so good.

Welcome to the dawn of Capitalism

What the rich really want. And why we should give it to them

The Effects of the Bruce Mansfield Power Plant

Generous, thoughtful, sensitive people are often drawn to the view that we shouldn’t expect economies to ‘grow’. After all, the earth and its resources are limited, so why keep asking for GDP to expand?

Rupert Murdoch Portraits

It’s late and, across the nation, people are sinking back into the soft corners of sofas, clutching glasses of wine and TV remote controls and numbing their minds with soothing images and sounds.

Adverts know what we need; they just refuse to sell it to us


Patek Philippe is one of the giants of the global watchmaking industry, with revenues last year of just short of 750 million euros. For years now, they have been running a very distinctive series of ads featuring parents and children.

The dirty secret of capitalism

Unemployment down at last. Misemployment bad as ever


On a good day, Capitalism can seem pretty impressive. Take the sheer organisational might of corporations, with their incredible ability to focus the efforts of thousands of people on precise goals.

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog re-opens in Coney Island, New York, America - 23 May 2013

In the UK, and some other parts of the developed world, unemployment continues to fall - if only very slightly. It's good news.

Leonardo’s Last Supper on sale in China for $45

Philosophy storms Business

China's Art Copy Center

Fake, copy, pastiche, forgery, reproduction. Many of the most bitter insults of the art world are designed to denigrate anything which is not the actual product of the master’s hand.


It doesn't from a distance seem as if philosophy and business would have anything to say to one another.

News makes us go crazy


We live in unusual times. Our age is unlike any other in the extent to which it emphasises opportunities for individual opportunity, chiefly the opportunity to make money.

Culprit found in McDonald’s outrage: YOU

The next Jagger will need to liberate us from a hang-up even more oppressive than sex once was: money


One of the big convictions of our times is that the fast food industry is to blame for a considerable number of ills of the modern world.

Costume Institute Gala Benefit, Celebrating 'Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty' at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, America - 02 May 2011

Mick Jagger is an English singer and songwriter whose extraordinary worldwide success is estimated to have earned him some £190 million. When he was younger, Jagger sang a lot about the need for freedom, especially around sex.

You are a Marxist – but don’t worry

Virgin starts new religion


Few ideas have been more thoroughly discredited and rejected by history than those of Karl Marx.


  People quite often say that exercise is the new religion. They usually just mean that it is something people feel they should do, and

Where your airplane goes to die


Air crashes loom so large in our imaginations, we forget that most planes don’t end up in a fireball. Their disintegrations are far less dramatic; they’re likely to take place very quietly, without any loss of life, in a suburb of the little town of Mojave.

200mph Ferrari California launched. Buyers not greedy show offs, just vulnerable fragile big infants in need of affection

Costa funeral sends message to Big Business


The Italian luxury car maker Ferrari has just unveiled its newest supercar. Named the Ferrari California, it will cost 153,000 GBP and have a maximum


Karen Lloyd died recently at 51 from cancer. She liked drinking coffee so much her family decided to commission a coffin for her with the

World’s biggest advertising merger proposed by unusual German philosopher

Art reaches record price at auction sign we don’t have much of a clue what art is for


There's been much talk, in the business world, of a planned but delayed $35 billion merger of two communications giants, Publicis and Omnicom.


At a recent Sotheby's auction in London, Wall by the German painter Gerhard Richter eclipsed the already vast estimate given by the auction house, finally selling for a shade under 17.5 million GBP.

Dow Jones and GDP figures are doing great – but tell us far less than they claim


Last week the Dow Jones Industrial Average started on Monday at 16,162.70 and rose and fell each day.

Tamara Ecclestone Reforms Capitalism

Simon Cowell, on holiday in Barbados, proves that suffering is part of the human condition


In the 1980s, Bernie Ecclestone invented Formula One and made a few billions pounds.


Suppose you gave someone 200 million pounds, a job that involved overseeing a dozen highly successful television programs that they'd devised themselves, a beautiful girlfriend and a mega-yacht.

The School of Life

Ten Virtues For The Modern Age