Harry Styles toasts the launch of the Philosophers' Mail at London party

Stars from the worlds of show business and fashion attended a party in London's West End the other night to celebrate the launch of the Philosophers' Mail, the only global news outlet manned entirely by philosophers. Harry Styles from One Direction (pictured with a philosopher [right] and a political activist [centre]) was in attendance.

There's something deeply appealing in the idea that Styles does not just sing nice songs, but is also increasingly interested in philosophy.

An old ambition is peeking through: that beauty and glamour shouldn't be divorced from wisdom. In the perfect world, the great truths wouldn't lie locked away in depressing unreadable books or be spoken only by inarticulate and visually challenged members of society. They would be presented to us with some of the same charm as One Direction's songs by people with the easy charms of Harry Styles.

Celebrities are hugely powerful agents for getting us interested in things: to date, that has meant certain kinds of music, films and clothes. But we shouldn't stop there. In an ideal world, we would let glamour spread to more important things too, like - every now and then - insights into the meaning of life. We're delighted Harry was able to toast our birth.


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